The “Healthy” TurnUp! #TGRFit

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By: Atiya Sharise (@AtiyaSharise)


It’s a no-brainer that we all want to look good and feel even better all while enjoying a night out. So, being the responsible adults that we all are our nights will consist of the one thing that can turn us into raging monsters or emotional teddy bears… Alcohol! Yes, alcohol.  There’s no shame. We all could use an Olivia Pope sized glass of wine or a nice cool Corona here and there.  What to know something else?  Moderate drinkers have better-than-average health, even Dr. Oz agrees. So with the 4th of July being tomorrow this post should help you in making a better choice with your beverages.

1. Red Wine, duh! It’s LOADED with antioxidants and should be your drink of choice after a long day if you want to relax and let your taste buds have a party.  This deliciousness made from the almighty grape aims to protect the lining of the heart’s blood vessels.  This will help prevent damage to the vessels, discourage blood clotting, and white winereduce bad cholesterol.  Recent studies show it also can reduce the risk of lung cancer.

2. White Wine, yummy! It may not be as powerful as its’ red counterpart, but it has been shown to control the growth of bacteria involved in tooth decay and sore throats.  It is also sweeter; this may be a better choice for those of us that can’t handle the tartness of a red wine.


3. Gin, it’ll always keep you with grin. Gin gets its flavor from juniper berries which is thjack dannye ONLY thing it is made from.  Because of these berries, Gin is full of antioxidants which helps improve your skin. It also includes a wide range of herbs such as nutmeg, sage, and rosemary.


4. Whiskey, a shot a day keeps the what away? According to a study at Australia’s Monash University, a shot of whiskey (I prefer Jack :D) can give you the same antioxidant benefits as the recommended intake of Vitamin C.


5. Guinness, heart attack killer. The flavonoid antioxidants, which work as an anti-inflammatory, help to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

6. Other beer, what kind is the good kind? Any beer, no matter the type, will be a source of silicon, which can contribute to bone growth and development.

The most important thing to remember is to drink responsibly!  Know your limits and keep it classy.  It is also necessary that we use in moderation, as these benefits are most useful when not taken advantage of.  But of course, we all go over our limits (I’m guilty) and it is essential to be meaningful of our bodies to help keep them in the healthiest condition.  Make sure to always eat before consuming any alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water in between to test your stability and help reduce the chance of a hangover the next day.

Be sure to comment with your favorite choice or add on to the list above!